An Overview

Space Studio is a boutique interior design studio specialising in luxury interiors throughout New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. Established in 2004, we are a collaborative practice and work on innovative projects to create outstanding environments that achieve a successful outcome for the owner and operator. Our work demonstrates a passion for cultural engagement and we are committed to design responses with a strong sense of place.



To create successful interiors, there must be a holistic approach to the strategy for all components of the project. In developing concepts, we develop a clear and relevant design narrative that resounds with the overall project and work collaboratively to deliver unique design concepts.



We believe it’s just as important to have the spaces working and functioning operationally as it is to have beautiful luxury interior design. One cannot be successful without the other.

Grand Mercure, Wellington


Interior Design

Interior design is the core of Space Studio’s practice. Our interiors are shaped by the development of a strong conceptual story and understanding of architectural context. We develop complete interior proposals and custom designs to create distinctive aesthetic outcomes.



Working closely with the interior designers, the procurement team enhance the design process with a thorough understanding of FFE and OSE, the ability to source widely, to balance budget considerations and deliver to completion on the design intent.