Posted 23rd July 2013 by Cathy Galt

“Small. Dense. Urban. Cool. Today’s apartment designs are a distinct change of pace, as developers and architects face smaller, tighter budgets coupled with a lifestyle that prefers quality and community over physical space”.

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Posted 23rd April 2013 by Cathy Galt

Char broiled burgers, deep fried chicken stars and chili cheese fries can be sexy. Carl's Jr. readily uses sex to market its burgers. The design intent for the store was to embody this philosophy through creating a range of different spaces within the store which are appealing, fun, youthful and sexy – demanding attention from the young suits of Auckland’s CBD.

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Posted 11th February 2013 by Cathy Galt

Cash rich, time poor and always “on”.

The concept of bleisure is now well established. Bleisure travellers are those who mix business and leisure. They are connected to everyone at all times. Tech savvy, they use their personal gadgets to talk, walk, listen and type – and are constantly multitasking. They need hotels that service the crossover of work and play, with multifunctional spaces and services allowing them to work, relax or socialise. The Pullman in Auckland is one such hotel.

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