VERO - "Lifting the lid on lobby design"

Posted 10th June 2016

Constructed in 2000 Vero has always enjoyed a prestigious address in the heart of Auckland's financial, legal and commercial precinct. It's also known for its 'halo' roof feature and having one of the best publicly accessed collections of contemporary NZ art outside an art gallery. 

Taking into account changing needs of the 3,000 personnel working in the building, and the changing way businesses interact and use shared spaces Kiwi Income Property engaged the services of Space Studio to redevelop and rejuvenate the lobby area in 2015. 

Considerate care was given to protect the heritage of the art collections and strong design aesthetics were applied to ensure the changing technology and environment requirements were met.

 The design brief took in the following requirements: 

  • Flexible workplaces - from coffee meetings, team meetings, quiet spaces, shared spaces
  • Technology capable - WIFI and powered sites
  • Flexible food options - from the grab and go in the morning to drinks after work
  • Better use of outdoor space 
  • A design aesthetic that referenced our Pacific heritage

The results speak for themselves.

  • The lobby is now a lively buzzing place throughout the day
  • The cafe and kiosk had reported a 25% increase in turnover
  • Greater use of the outdoor space - increased corporate functions 

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