3 WISEMEN - "Nailed It"

Posted 28th November 2014

Flying into Auckland domestic you can be assured of a wide selection of men's shirts, shoes and socks on arrival for your meetings or spending time with your mates.  Although the smallest 3 Wise Men store to date, it is already outperforming most of its bigger brothers.  The tiny space was loaded with challenges, not least finding space for the wide selection of merchandise, compounded with a short lease due to planned renovations at the terminal. Our design meets the numbers thoroughly crunched by 3 Wise Men, all while never losing the attention to detail their most publicly visible store require. These are the challenges that as designers we thrive on.


While we welcome  projects with  limitless budgets, it is key to our role, to provide a unique and bespoke solution on budget.  Rather than guesswork, it is a process that draws on knowledge, rigour, testing, trialling, co-ordination, sketching, discussions and a determination to find the best possible solution for our client.

Key to meeting the design brief and the budget were:
  • knowledge of fabrication and material
  • repetitive, modular and easily tooled solutions
  • natural materials that needed no further finishing
  • easily built expressed junctions
  • we re-proposed existing elements
  • negotiated with the Airport and Council to alleviate statutory red tape
  • negotiations with suppliers and contractors
  • and most importantly we were willing to let go of some of our ideas and start again
Only by layering the butter paper over the project is the best outcome be established.  Even the first early sketches contributed to the final result.  While the process can be time consuming, the potential savings can be significant.  By taking the time at the design stages, vast savings can be discovered, quickly recovering any pre-construction costs.

Overlaid on this process was the discipline to uphold the values of the brand - simplicity, refinement and a space that is bold and masculine.

During this project a dialogue developed with the client, "..have we nailed it?" Designs would be reviewed, tested, trialled, costed and a call would come from either end.. "I don't think we've nailed it", and we would continue the process.

As the final cost rolled in under $70K and the shop sales began to exceed expectation. The response from the client has been a resounding "Nailed it!"

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